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automotive service company

Auto Repair & Auto Service

We Service "ALL MAKES and MODELS" with Quality Parts, Service, Honesty, & Professionalism.

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No matter the problem, we have the equipment and knowledge to diagnose and fix any automotive problem that your vehicle may encounter.

Sample of "Core" auto repairs and maintenance that most people encounter.

Ask about our seasonal recomendations, pre purchase inspection, or what should be done before your next road trip.

Brake Work

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Wear and tear on brake pads is a repair that will happen more then once over the life of your vehicle.

Oil Changes

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Oil changes should be done every few thousand miles to keep your car in the best possible running condition. Disposal of old oil is handled through a local recycler.



Wear limits need to be checked as well as wear type which can be an indication of other problems. A tire can leak or fail for a number reasons. Complete line of tires for all passanger, light truck, RV & performance vehicles.

Exhaust System

Exhaust system checks for leaks which could allow dangerous gases to be emitted into the car. Simple hangar or tail pipe to complex emmision control issues.

Fuel System

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Fuel filters also need to be replaced on a regular basis to help prevent injector clogs. Your fuel pump can become clogged or fail early if you drive your vehicle with less than 1/4 of tank on a regular basis.

Ignition System and Electrical System

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Checking the Ignition system components like: coil, wires, plugs, battery as well as the elcetrical systems alternator are recomended. These components rely on each other for long term health. Replacements often are done hand in hand as one being weak causes the other to work harder to make up for the failing component often resulting in replacement of other damaged components. We have a good deal of expierence and trained professionals to deal with your electrical issues. We also can check for system degradation like alternator output etc..


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Flushing the hydraulic fluid and changing the filter can often be recomended early (may differ from manufacturer based on type of vehicle usage) based on fluid color and smell. Road debris can cause linkages and electrical connectors to become loose, misalign or damaged resulting in saftey and drivability problems.

Cooling system

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Radiator and cooling system flushes. Old coolant becomes corosive, and adding the wrong water and coolant can accelerate the corrsive behavior of poor coolant.

Air Conditioning System

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Leak checks and charges to the refridgerent should be done in the spring before failure during summer heavy usage months.

We service domestic and import cars, trucks, SUV's and hybrids:

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No matter the problem, we can handle it.

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automotive service company

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